Bee’s Fashion Buzz started out as an outlet for Seattle related articles that originally started in 2005 in print as a school project. Coming back to it, the name doesn’t express who I am or what I represent. From now on this blog will remain static. Want more? Curious about RAW in Seattle? Need to know who the new local fashion & jewelry designers are? Dying to know who to stay away from and who you should buy up by the truckload?

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Round Two of Fashion Feud Seattle 2011 started off in a bit of a blur of mystery as bargoers looked on wondering what was happening, unaware that in just under an hour an intense competition would begin where instant creativity was taken to a whole new level. Held at the beautiful Citrus lounge, on the other side of the stage those there for round two could be seen eagerly awaiting the introduction of the designers and the judges. Those being of course Justin Bartle and Morgan Carson who whip together unique garments in just an hour with judges Melinie Matkin and Patricia Wolf making the final decision. The audience also voted, otherwise there could have been a tie, and there’s no such thing as ties.

It started off with 7Salon working on the model’s hair and Swink Style Bar doing their makeup. This lasted about an hour: Personally I would have worn Justin’s model’s hair out the door in a heart beat-but then I’m partial to the over-exaggerated fauxhawk. Not an unusual amount of time for hair and makeup, though as the competition continued and the garments evolved so did the details in their hair and makeup.

Three yards from Mood Fabrics in NYC: Half of an orange print and the other of a solid black, was given to the contestants. Both Morgan and Justin started off with a one shoulder drape of the orange print fabric– would they create a similar garment? Not at all.

Justin works on fitting the blouse. Courtesy of FABTURN

From Justin we saw a high level of expertise in his draping; quickly turning the the single shoulder into a draped wrap added a flowing and the fluid connectivity in the blouse portion of the dress by reversing the fabric to create a much-needed contrast.

While Justin continue draping, Morgan was pleating her one-shoulder bust; using torn 3″-4″ strips of fabric and alternating the right and wrong sides of the pattern to create depth and dimension while the pleating and ruching created a structured feel to the top.

Running back and forth from the model to her machine Morgan quickly sewed her the strips and pleats into place creating a pattern that jumped off the model. For ease of fit she sewed in elastic to secure the top to the model under the arm and on the back of the top. A look that begged the question, “where is this going?” But there was conviction and determination in the actions of Morgan and she moved on with raw confidence in it’s unfinished look.

Though Justin could be seen using his borrowed Pfaff machine (his personal machine is a Juki), the majority of his garment looked to be stitched by hand– which stuck to his statement of design that emphasized the importance of couture fashion.

Morgan adds some pleating to her dress. Courtesy of FABTURN

As they announced 30 minute mark both designers were furiously working to finish their tops and start attaching and designing the aspects of the skirt potions of their garments.

So, who won? Did they finish the garments on time? Were the audience votes counted and announced? Photos & details are just hours away.below.

With the clock ticking down relentlessly; both designers could be seen working feverishly pinning and sewing to complete the dresses and prepare for the judging that would happen sooner than anyone expected.

Anxiety and pressure were rising in the room, as the audience got up from their booths to walk up to the stage between sips of cocktails and bites of pesto chicken to get a better look at what Morgan and Justin had decided to do with the bottom portion of their dresses.

As the dj continued to pump out a high bmp (beat per minute), that for some would drive the creativity and others, like Morgan, feel the music adds to the level of stress due to the “unce unce unce” background noise. But the audience, music, constant flash from photographers and even the judges seem to have no detrimental effect to the work these two designers were creating.

Finished Garments: Justin's draping can be seen on the right. FABTURN

As the clock ticked down to zero, both designers completed their similarly colored garments–but that is where any resemblances stopped. While Justin created a short length natural waistline skirt that created a wave-like body, Morgan was gathering an empire waist ruche that was knee-length with rose-like bunches center front creating a peek-a-boo feel just above and between the knees.

After the models completed their walk through the venue the audience voted via applause. Yea, I said that right. Applause. It turns out my biggest complaint from the flier– that they were going to use an app from Fashism that is only available on the iPhone didn’t even happen. It leaves a question of why? But that can be answered later, I’m sure.

In the end they declared Morgan Carson winner of Round Two and she will move on to the final round on May 18th.

The finished looks (Justin’s left, Morgan’s right) with event organizer, Joan Kelly who
made the event possible. FABTURN

My closing thoughts: I felt both tops were absolutely beautiful, though Morgan’s felt unfinished with the elastic strips showing: I would have liked to see them covered or decorated in a way that felt more complete. Justin’s blouse drape from behind was breathtaking but the print on same print overcrowded the elegant simplistic overlapped drape in the front . In both cases whatcha gonna do? You work with what you got and they both turned out well tailored designs.

The finished garments, Justin's left and Morgan's right. Courtesy of FABTURN

As for the skirts, Justin’s skirt moved beautifully when the model walked but the waistband was a bit too busy for me while she stood still. The model’s slip also took away from the skirt, because no matter how close the slip color was to the model’s skin tone, it wasn’t enough to “disappear”. On the other hand like the judges said, Morgan’s skirt was beautifully constructed and appealing in all of the details. The structured aspect of the dress added to the soft details in the drape in the front and movement found in the back.

Disclosure: I was not invited by either designer to this event, though having been invited to a future event by Morgan Carson, it was through a search on her that I discovered this event. I also sat at a table with her friends and associates. I was able to speak with both designers about the event and there’s more to come on that next time.

All photos were graciously supplied by FabTurn, to see more photos and learn more about the designers and the Fashion Feud events visit their website.

If you’ve ever watched Project Runway, and who hasn’t? Even my neurologist has watched it-He blames it on his wife, but you can totally see the twinkle in his eye when he how impressed he is. Anyway, watching Project Runway you *know* the Mood is where the fabric is at.
So envy and excitement sweeps over me as I proclaim that tonight at Citrus, Fashion Feud is, to quote the facebook event page, “a “Project Runway” esque event in which designers are given a mystery bag of Mood Fabrics material, a live model, a hair and makeup team, and an hour to create a design.” FuN! And totally nerve-racking.

The event page continues to say,

“The finished designs are presented by the models to a live audience who then votes using the FASHISM mobile app to create one vote from the audience.

Our panel of two judges will then select their favorite design of the night. The design with two or more votes will be declared the winner.”

As it says  audience voting is done live via a mobile app from Fashism. What they fail to mention is it’s an iPhone only app. It’s a shame that it isn’t a multiplatform. I may run my world on a Mac, but there’s so much more freedom with Android phones.

I probably won’t be allowed to take photos this time around, but for the next events I’ll be sure to get the media passes.

Here’s the flier:

March is really going to be a month of oolala-ing and getting dressed up for more than just a good time.  It’s chalked full of events that are going to wow the party-goers and benefit different vital aspects of our society and culture.

In one day I’ve found three amazing nights of fun, but surely Seattle is doing more. I mean we’re no New York City, LA or even Washington DC, but there sure are a lot of things we can boast to have that they don’t. So as the events draw closer I’ll dive in deeper and hopefully you’ll want to get out there and support what’s dear to us Seattlelites. Raising funds, we fight the good fight, don’t we?

Upcoming causes: Crooked Trails(March 5th), the UW School for Drama(March 19th), Leukemia and Lymphoma Society(March 26th)

Details to Follow.

Blog Move

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Click on through to ManicDesigns.net to access Seattle’s local fashion and arts scene.Bee’s Fashion Buzz started out as an outlet for Seattle related articles that originally started in 2005 in print as a school project. Coming back to it, the name doesn’t express who I am or what I represent. From now on this blog will remain static. Want more? Curious about RAW in Seattle? Need to know who the new local fashion & jewelry designers are? Dying to know who to stay away from and who you should buy up by the truckload?

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Black Friday Virgin Report

I have a confession to make, in all of my years I’ve never felt the urge to do Black Friday, until today. I went with a mental shopping list, it wasn’t very long and I surely wasn’t very thrilled about going. Though the idea of seeing how people in the Seattle area dress for red eye shopping intrigued me enough to catch a few good deals on licensed merchandised.

I arrived at the Alderwood Mall, about 15 miles north of Seattle, just before 4 am. While everyone seemed determine to head into the Target and Walmart parking lots, I had to decline, I mean I had a mission right?

So into the mall I went. First stop: the Disney Store. Now the only Disney Store in the Seattle area happens to be at Alderwood Mall, their selection is limited – gear towards children’s purchases and not Nightmare Before Christmas fanatics. But I was able to pick up two shirts $8 a piece, Christmas decoration box set for $10, a hoodie for $12 and one single sleigh with Jack as Santa ornament for $4. All of these prices included the storewide 20% off discount. Not bad for the start of the day. The line was long, but it moved quickly enough.

But it was definitely time for a latte from Starbucks. With my iced venti gingerbread latte in hand I began to people watch. What would shoppers wear at this hour? While I did see many mom figures and young adults sporting sweats paired with Uggs ,  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the youth take their fashion seriously regardless of the hour.

I’m not big on walking up to complete strangers and asking to take their photos; I receive a few weird looks, a flat out no from pretty young lady who thought she looked awful, though I disagreed. Luck definitely was not with me, I mean seriously who wants their photo taken at 4 in the morning? This isn’t New York City, it’s a suburb of Seattle.  But for a brief second I ran accross two beautiful ladies who were willing to pose for me. Whipping out my Motorola Cliq, I quickly and graciously took their photo.

Anya and Annie kindly posed for me.

Anya and Annie bring bold colors to their chic ensembles

Black Friday shoppers dress for style regardless of the hour.

Displaying a great example that fashion is relevant at any hour. For full disclosure they do work in the mall. Though, I’m sure that doesn’t affect their unique and trendy styles.

Using this as a jumping point, it was easy to spot other beauties that dressed up for the occasion. Though much more difficult to for them to willingly “strike a pose.”

Marc Jacobs. He just lost me again. Spring 2009 was the first time in years that I stop and thought “Wow. Want. Must Have.” about Marc Jacobs’ namesake line. Mary Poppins hats, pencil skirts and cinched waists galore—all in eccentric printed patterns. It was a fluke, I thought. But then things just got better with Fall 2009. The cardigans, gothy dresses, bright florescent colors and black, everywhere black. It was heaven on the runway. So it was with high hopes that I viewed his Spring 2010 line.

Wait, what? 1990 called, Madonna wants her bra back. The high collars I can dig. Outrageous, exaggerated collars were all the rave during the Fall 2009 fashion weeks.  I have to say I love the way they look. But underwear as outerwear? Didn’t we already see this?

It led me to wonder how or why Marc Jacobs is considered a fashion icon, a directional and an innovative designer when his collections are completely hit or miss. Do you remember the baggy, dull clothes from Fall 2008? In his own words, “I really wasn’t very inspired this season. I just live my life.” I thought about that while flipping through some previous collections.

Then it came to me, like a Marc Jacobs bag on a platter. Jacobs is an icon because he truly gets inspired, he dares to go places that make us gasp in delight or leave us with a perplexed look of why? He’s not an Alexander McQueen- avant garde 24/7 pushing the extremes. No, he’s a man with a (consumer-orientated) vision. Even in this current collection he is taking a part of fashion history, breaking it down, tearing it apart and putting it back together.

Take, for example his off-the-shoulder blouse with burmudas and matching fanny-pack (see below left). Just saying that word makes me cringe. But Jacobs was able to take a hideous tourist-only accessory and make it attractive and wearable. That’s innovative.

The entire collection is splattered with ruffles, from collars to pant side seams; it’s an inspiration that seems to stem from doll clothes. While the first half dozen or so don’t look remotely everyday wearable, the ruffles mellow until we get a perfect balance of deconstruction and dollhouse in the flowy beige number. (see below right.)

So while Jacobs doesn’t always make sense and while his collection sometimes feel lackluster. He seems to have a 2/1 ratio of “love it”/”hate it” collections. But when he gets on an inspiration spree we’re always set for a season that will wow. I think this season is his down one. I don’t completely hate it, just don’t love or fully understand. But that’s the thing about visionaries: You don’t always get where they are coming from or going until after they do.

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2010

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2010

Images via Style.com